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Welcome to rejected_icons! The place where you can post all your icon creations! This is your maintainer hearts_stars_xo and the rules are as follows:

1.] If taking anything, you please save them to your own server, comment and CREDIT! I don't care if you credit in the keywords or comments, just so you credit. and it doesn't matter if you credit hearts_stars_xo or rejected_icons.

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if taking something for your info page or friends only entry, etc., please credit me there.


80s hair metal, adam sandler, aerosmith, alison sweeney, all american rejects, angels, audioslave, band shirts, bandannas, bethany joy galeotti, bible, big hair, blindside, blink-182, bobby dall, bracelets, brandon boyd, bret michaels, brian krause, cc deville, chad michael murray, chandra wilson, charmed, chester bennington, chris cornell, chris perry, cinderella, concert shirts, concerts, crosses, cruel intentions, danneel harris, daria, darth vader, days of our lives, dean winchester, def leppard, dreaming of the fifth, drew fuller, emo, eric brittingham, finding nemo, fred coury, george w. bush, glam rock, god, greys anatomy, gwen stefani, hair metal, haley james scott, hardcore, harleys, hearts, hilary burton, holly marie combs, i love lucy, icons, incubus, inga brittingham, jakob dylan, james hetfield, james lafferty, jared padalecki, jeff labar, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jesus, john winchester, justin timberlake, kirk hammett, kisses, knockout kings, kurt cobain, leo wyatt, linkin park, love, lucas scott, lynryd skynryd, making icons, metal, metallica, miranda bailey, music, n sync, naked beggars, nathan scott, nirvana, no doubt, one tree hill, paige halliwell, paul walker, peyton sawyer, phoebe halliwell, photography, pictures, pillow talk, piper halliwell, poison, posting icons, punk, rikki rockett, rock, roswell, ryan phillippe, sam winchester, sami brady, sebastian bach, skid row, skulls, soundgarden, star wars, stars, steven tyler, supernatural, taking back sunday, tattoos, that 70s show, the empire strikes back, the toadies, the used, tom keifer, tom morello, tyson ritter, underoath, x files, xo, yoda